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Decaffeinated Coffee

Decaf Coffee Selections

Presenting Revocup's finest selection of decaf coffees.





Decaf EspressoBrazilEthiopia

$14.39, 12oz

Source: Brazil, Ethiopia, IndonesiaAn almost miraculously fine decaffeinated straight- shot espresso. aromatic wood, hints of chocolate and fruit. syrupy mouthfeel, with intensified fruit, fresh-cut aromatic wood, butter, caramel, cocoa. The finish is balanced, sweet, deep, long.




Decaf Sidamo

$14.29, 12oz

Source: Ethiopia

A Mountain water processed Ethiopian Sidamo. An exceptional Coffee from the birth place of coffee. Sidamo has floral aroma that is very much Tea-Rose like. The flavor is mild with gentle acidity rounded with fruit flavors like cherry and dried apricot followed by a sweet finsh. You will truly enjoy this cup.




Decaf Brazil

$13.89, 12oz

Source: Brazil

Sweet toned balanced aroma. with molasses, dark chocolate, ceder notes. syrupy mouth-feel with carmel charecter and constant presence of dry fruit with buttery hint. sweet and clean long finsh.



Decaf Sumatra

$13.89, 12oz


Powerful and complex. Extraordinary aroma: spice, with a bracing bitter edge of spice, low-toned tropical fruit, In the cup a tingle of sweet acidity, more cedar, and fruit that turns sweetly and richly tart - in the finish, floral, chocolate, nutmeg-like spice notes. resurface. long clean finish.



Half Caf

$13.89, 12oz


Half Caf was formulated and developed by popular demand. Customers who want coffee but not a full load of caffiene asked for a pick-me-up type of coffee. After selling it as special blend per customer's request for some time, we decided to formulate and develop a ratio.
The results were fantastic.